Guides, Rubrics, & Resources

Here are some useful tools for students (and others).  Click the links to explore or download (as the case may be):

Assignment Guides

You can find instructions on the various Assignments pages.  The ones here are similar, but supplementary.  They are also downloadable as PDFs.  A few (such as the guide for writing outlines and the outline samples) are not found elsewhere on this website.

Grading Rubrics

These are guides that indicate what level of work receives what kind of grade.  I shall add links as I write them.

  • Grading Rubric for Reading Summaries  (to be posted)
  • Grading Rubrics for the Two Papers
    • Rubric for a draft paper  (to be posted)
    • Rubric for writing partner comments  (to be posted)
    • Rubric for a final paper  (to be posted)
    • Grading Rubric for Group Presentations  (to be posted)
  • Grading Matrices (the guides I use to indicate how well you’ve done on each of element of these assignments)

Informational Handouts

Links to Outside Resources