Our Weekly Pattern

Class meets twice a week.  I shall begin most Tuesdays with a lecture, providing an overview of the week’s topic.  We will then discuss specific passages in that week’s readings.  Thursdays will continue this discussion of passages, ideally moving to discussions of the deeper significance of the material we have covered.

Before Tuesday’s class, you should:

  • Read the secondary readings—labeled “A” on the reading list.
  • Read the primary readings—labeled “B” on the reading list.
  • Write an outline of the argument in EACH of the “B” readings. Note any steps in the argument that you do not understand.  (Turn these in at the end of Tuesday’s class.)
  • Prepare two questions about the readings that will help everyone learn.
  • Read as much of the recommended reading—labeled “C”—as you can.

On Tuesday:

  • Write your two questions on the board before class starts.
  • Turn in your questions and your outlines at the end of class.  (You may modify them before leaving the room, if you wish.)

Between the Tuesday and Thursday sessions, you should:

  • Reread one of “B” readings, then prepare a 250-word typed summary of it. (See the Assignments page for details.)  Turn this in on the course Moodle site, in the Homework Dropbox, at least 15 minutes before Thursday’s class
  • Prepare two more questions that arose while you were writing this summary — ones that you think will deepen our Thursday discussion.

On Thursday:

  • Write your two questions on the board before class starts.
  • Turn in your questions.   (If you have turned in your summary on time, you may revise it without penalty by 6pm Thursday evening.  Turn in this modification on Moodle.

Check the Course Schedule: some weeks put these elements in a slightly different order.